Upon seeing a pile of diskettes on a desk at a company you’re applying for a position in, do you continue?

Enlighten me.


My sister has an exposure trip today (She studies at an exclusive Catholic school. The exposure trips are intended to expose the students to what other people are going through, and also to hopefully spring them into action. For my sister, these trips are intended to piss her off and make her roll her eyes. Just kidding.). She can’t commute on her own yet so I brought her. When I got back, my mom said, “Thanks, Cotton!”

I beamed. I remember Cotton! He was such an important part of my childhood. During kindergarten, we had a pair of reading books. The main book was full of brief stories about a family, complete with photos. The other book had reading comprehension questions and exercises related to each story.

Cotton was their dog! Doesn’t it just make your day when out of the blue, your mom makes an allusion to your childhood experiences? And calls you a dog’s name?

Anyway, here’s a project I’m loving:


It’s a DIY jewelry organizer. You just get an old frame, some chicken wire or galvanized wire mesh, staples, and a staple gun. See the instructions here.

It’s perfect for the 20+ pairs of earrings that I used to love but now look kind of retarded to me.

My sister has a…

It’s been raining and cold as a witch’s teat (I’ve never touched a witch’s teat, but it’s said to be a cold place) so I’ve been having the urge to cocoon in front of the TV while sipping some coffee or hot chocolate. I love doing that so much it’s what I would answer if you asked me what type of personality I had. I’d say the cocooning-in-front-of-the-TV-while-sipping-some-coffee-or-hot-chocolate type. If I could choose the position to die in, I’d choose this position. It says so much about who I am and how I see myself in the future–a housewife. But it may be important to consider that I’m not yet married and am not involved in anything with the remotest semblance of a romantic union.

So I arrived at the painful conclusion that maybe it’s high time I looked for a job for real. I played around at a few days ago and got a couple of screening invites that I was too unprepared (or lazy–depending on who I’m talking to–my parents or everyone else) to show up for. Maybe it’s about time I took this jobhunting thing seriously. It can get pretty annoying sleeping for hours on end especially when you haven’t been getting paid for it for almost a month now.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo I took during one of my recent bus rides. It’s the back of the head of the grandpa sitting in front of me. He liked to recline at strangers’ faces.

Random bus photo