Sometimes you have to implore



Here I am, dying.

Quarterlife crisis is not supposed to happen when one needs to spend on medications. So I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and take jobhunting seriously. I am scheduled for interviews tomorrow and on Friday for an F&B company and a shipping company, respectively. I need to focus. Focus! Meanwhile, here I am, dying:


That’s Zombie Dash.


Upon seeing a pile of diskettes on a desk at a company you’re applying for a position in, do you continue?

Enlighten me.

Greetings from wherever I am!

Here’s a tree I masterfully drew using Sketch n Draw, an Android app made by people who recognize my artistic potential.


Paper queen!

I still love writing my reminders and tasks on paper. I find the writing experience itself very enjoyable. I enjoy the feel of pen or pencil sliding against and, sometimes, almost digging into the paper. I enjoy quietly scolding myself for my bad penmanship and I like to secretly gloat when I occasionally get it right.

Take note: I said “on paper.” I prefer writing on bits of paper and loose notebook pages. It’s chaotic, ugly, and light years away from the organized-systematic-girl that I look like and want to be, but I guess it’s the kind of tragedy I can live with. I have planners, but they just never seem to have enough space. I have notebooks, but they remind me so much of high school so they crush me.

Another thing I love about writing on paper is that, based on experience, it helps my memory better. You know how they say that when you take notes in class, knowing that you wrote a certain thing can sometimes help you remember the thing itself? In your mind, you automatically flip the pages of the notebook and glimpse at the upper right area–yes, you’re pretty sure you wrote it there–near the big, bold header written in red.

I can’t help but feel bad whenever I choose to write on paper, though. It feels like I’m betraying my smartphone. But it’s not my fault that even if my phone is in my hand 80% of the time, I never remember to look at the damn notes that I painstakingly organized and typed the night before. Whereas no matter how small my sticky notes, receipts, and bus tickets are and no matter how deeply they are buried in my giant lola/diaper bag, I always know when there are notes I have to look at.

My sister is watching a movie on Cinema One. Sam Pinto is a sort of project coordinator working with the son of the President on a big project. As if a girl who looks like that would rather work 9 to 5 to earn.


YOU GUYS! Are you bored to death and want some excitement? Are you so excited and want to bore yourself to death for a change? Are you curious? Are you hungry for some mental challenge? Do you fantasize about being the badass lawyers you see in the movies? Are you 9gagging and need to have an official-looking backup page in case your boss walks behind you? If you said yes to any of those, I think it would do you well to read some case documents on the Sandiganbayan website. Here are some samples:

Maybe I should’ve gone to that interview today.

Fabulously unemployed: Update

I’ve been unemployed for exactly a month now. I thought I was doing a good job being a well-behaved parasite vacationer, but just recently, my mother has stopped an expletive short of bullying me out of the house to find a real job–one with humane distance-to-hours ratio and humane pay and benefits. I haven’t done any serious jobhunting. I’ve been tinkering with my resume and my Jobstreet page, clicking on some vacancies, and I’ve gotten numerous invitations for screenings. My parents and boyfriend did not approve a single screening I attended, and continue to nag me to apply for positions I don’t like, which means I need a new set of loved ones. I have a scheduled interview tomorrow, and it bothers me that I confirmed after receiving a poorly composed text interview invite.